Wind and freezing temps, warming up for Christmas

The National Weather Service has issued a freeze warning for La Paz County, AZ as a windy, colder front moves over the region.

Wind and blowing dust impacted the Parker area on Thursday, with anecdotal reports suggesting that the weather was making driving difficult on the highways in the area and Public Works departments active in clearing debris from the roads. The wind is expected to calm by Friday, but a freeze warning takes effect at 11 p.m. on Thursday night.

Much of La Paz County is under the warning, with temperatures in the mid to upper 20s possible in the coldest locations and a temp of around 34 forecast for Parker. This trend will continue Friday night, with the overnight low temp forecast to be 32 in Parker.

Roads could also get icy, including Highways 95 and 72, and Interstate 10.

But things are expected to warm up again for Christmas, with a high of 71 on Christmas Eve and 73 on Christmas Day, overnight lows in the low 40s.


  1. Nate Anderson

    Blowing like a mofo over here lol

  2. Vickie Strang Evers

    we have those kind of winds going on in Havasu right now yeah it’s nasty

  3. Susan Nez

    Some places have rainy days, we get sandy days

  4. Janice Atzinger

    Should be cold today, lol…it’s the first day of Winter!

  5. Chris Navarro

    Are you gonna be there next week Paul Hernandez

  6. Kathy Mcclure

    What? It was so nice Saturday.

  7. Paul Hernandez

    This weekend yes don’t know about next weekend. Are you?

  8. Chris Navarro

    Next weds probably be up there

  9. Janelle Wickizer Noble

    So today is the first day of winter in Parker, AZ.
    Tomorrow will be the last day of winter. By Sunday were back to the 70’s again.

  10. Doug MacDonald

    Ok snowbirds, you can go back home and take the COLD weather with you????????????????

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