Vehicle ploughs into others at Parker intersection

A vehicle ploughed into several others at a major intersection in Parker, AZ Thursday morning, according to Parker Police Department.

The vehicle was doing a high rate of speed when it collided with other vehicles at around 11 a.m. at the intersection of Riverside Drive and California Avenue. 5 other vehicles were involved in the incident, with 3 sustaining heavy damage and the other 2 sustaining moderate damage.

“The driver was traveling at a high rate of speed and failed to stop at the intersection,” said Parker Police Department’s Michael Bailey. “The only people who had significant injuries were in the vehicle that caused the collision. Nobody else accepted medical attention at the scene.”

The driver was reportedly taken to hospital, and the Colorado River Indian Tribes Police Department will be handling the investigation.

PPD, CRIT PD, La Paz County Sheriff’s Department and the Arizona Department of Public Safety were among the agencies who responded to the incident, which left traffic backed up and detours along surface streets on a busy winter midday for almost 2 hours as the scene was processed by law enforcement and debris was cleared.


  1. Aaron Bond

    In the Town of Paker…yet CRIT handles the investigation.

  2. Jim Ching

    I was told by a couple of people that the one that caused the accident,ran from the scene. One of the people I heard this from talked to a Sheriff officer. So did they run or not?

  3. Yes. CRIT PD handles cases that involve a tribal person, whether it is on tribal land or otherwise.

  4. Rosalyn Carlyle

    Parker live needs to get their info right!

  5. MissAudra Irene Stone

    Gloria Mascorro I just missed this

  6. Parker Live Updates

    What information here (provided by PPD) is inaccurate?

  7. Greg Rountree

    Dude was doing about 90 to 100 mph right bye our business Spanky’s.

  8. Annette Lundy

    The ones that caused the accident ran from the scene.

  9. Jim Ching

    Not saying anything is inaccurate. Just your report says the driver that caused the accident went to the hospital, but then I was told by a co-worker, that he was told by a Sheriffs officer on scene that they ran. So I was just wondering which one was true.

  10. Ernestine Valle

    That was a big excitement for everybody and Parker

  11. Javi Penaloza

    The man isn’t omnipotent, he’s just posting what was reported. Christ…

  12. Beverly L Bonney

    Soooo….was the driver of the speeding car taken to the hospital ADTER they ran from the scene??

  13. Miya Welsh

    Ayyyye Jenni Carter????????????????????????

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