Mineshaft rescue near Quartzsite

Two individuals were rescued from a mineshaft near Quartzsite, AZ after falling 35 feet, according to law enforcement.

“An individual just outside of Quartzsite walked approximately 100 feet back into a mine shaft and then fell 35 feet straight down,” said La Paz County Sheriff’s Captain Curt Bagby. “Another person attempted to save them and was also stuck, unable to make it back up from the drop.”

A multi-agency rescue was mounted which involved the Sheriff’s Department, Buckskin Fire Department, Quartzsite Fire Department, Mohave County, Maricopa County and the Department of Public Safety.

“The process involving a technical rope rescue like this is very detailed and difficult,” Bagby said. “They have to set up a stabilizer tripod and lower someone down to attach themselves to the victim (without causing further injury), and then be pulled back up.”

Both subjects were recovered and treated for their injuries, which Bagby said he believes were not life threatening.

More photos at La Paz County Sheriff’s Department on Facebook HERE.


  1. Alex Alvarez

    you guys better be careful down there!

  2. Jennifer Baldridge Schalip

    Alex Alvarez yep that is why I won’t go back down. After Jim Chiapuzio sent me a video I said never again. I will be the one in the Razor waiting ????

  3. Glenda McCartney

    Thank you

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