Accounting error leads to delayed tax filings for County employees

Employees of La Paz County have had to delay filing their taxes due to an accounting error, which has now been fixed for most employees.

According to District 2 Supervisor Duce Minor, the error was made in the process of issuing employees’ initial W2 forms from the County, leading to a review and a process of correction which took around 5 weeks.

“We got our W2s at the end of January,” Minor told Parker Live, “but the problem began shortly thereafter when it was noticed that there was an error. It was a very small amount but it needed to be corrected and a new W2 issued, it’s called a W2C, with the right amounts on it.”

That process took about a month, Minor said, with constant reviews in multiple stages by the County’s Accounting Department and their payroll company, ADP, before the W2Cs were available to employees on March 4th.

“Some employees were very upset about the delay. I understand, I had to cancel my own tax appointments. I wrote an email to all staff and said here’s what happened, acknowledging the errors, and recommended to everybody that they not prepare their tax returns until the second W2 was issued.”

The concern was, Minor said, that if employees filed taxes based on the initial W2, they may have to file an amended return later. He called the process “frustrating” but said he was glad it had been resolved for the majority of the County’s workforce.

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