Semi driver charged with murder after serious accident involving 4 other vehicles in Parker

An accident involving 4 vehicles and a semi truck in Parker left one dead and several seriously wounded on Sunday afternoon. The driver of the semi has been charged with second degree murder and police say they believe he was impaired.

The accident occurred around 3:30 pm. Video posted to social media appeared to show the semi traveling at a high rate of speed through the intersection at California Avenue and Riverside Drive in the town of Parker. The scene afterwards, perhaps unparalleled in severity in recent memory, was chaotic and grim as first responders attempted to identify where accident victims were located and what steps to take, amid flames that threatened to engulf the Terrible’s gas station on the intersection corner.

Parker Police Chief Michael Bailey told Parker Live that the scene involved multiple vehicles which were hit when the semi traveled through the intersection on California Avenue.

Video posted to Facebook by MNR Racing showed the semi collide with other vehicles while traveling much faster than surrounding traffic. Bailey said the truck collided with vehicles that were stopped for a red light.

A white Ford Fusion ended up on its side at Terrible’s, while a Jeep towing a trailer ended up behind the semi trailer. Another car was on its roof near the gas pumps while victims lay on the concrete being attended by members of the public waiting for medical personnel to arrive.

Bailey said, “Unfortunately, there has been one confirmed fatality associated with this collision and multiple seriously injured victims. The driver of the commercial vehicle, Karan Singh, was found after he left the scene of the collision and was transported to a local hospital to be evaluated. He was later booked into the La Paz County Jail for second degree murder and eight counts of aggravated assault. It is believed impairment was a factor in this collision.”

Responding agencies included Parker Police Department, Parker Fire Department, Town of Parker Public Works, American Medical Response, CRIT Police Department, CRIT Fire Department, La Paz County Sheriff’s Department, Buckskin Fire Department, the Arizona Department of Public Safety and the Arizona Department of Transportation. Parker Towing was on scene also.

The incident is being investigated. Anyone with any information is encouraged to contact Parker Police Sergeant Raymond Gomez.


  1. Brutal those people didn’t have a chance. Prayers for everyone involved.

  2. Condolences to the family of the person who was killed. How awful for everyone.

  3. Prayers for all the families.

  4. Very sad condolences to the families.
    God bless them all

  5. My brother and sister-in-law are victims of this terrible accident. They are currently in ICU in Phoenix hospital. Please pray for them. The deceased victim is my brother’s sister-in-law.

  6. Prayers to all involved

  7. Prayers for all involved and condolences to the family of the one whose life was taken so needlessly. 💔💔💔

  8. Monique Mckay prayers for all involved

  9. Prayers for all involved and for the LE’s and first responders. Such a tragedy.

  10. Absolutely horrific!!! Those poor people had no chance to even react!! My heart hurts for all the innocent victims of this 🤬.

  11. Tony Posada dang that sucks

  12. We’ve been at that corner a thousand times.

  13. So unbelievable to see something like this prayers for all 🙏🙏🙏

  14. It’s 2023 we need an alternative for semi truck drivers. They are an absolute cancer to the road

  15. Tyler Nusbaum the people who drive theem are!! Like guns! Wrong people get them and do wrong things with them!

  16. He was speeding. This crash is horrific & unnecessary. Rip for those who lost their lives…
    And may the truck driver be held to the highest standard of the law! 🙏🏼💔💔💔

  17. The hydrant DID NOT WORK!

  18. The hydrant on the corner of ninth did not work. Look at the hose in this picture no water pressure hydrants should be checked periodically.

  19. Ariel Sandoval 🙏🏽 thank you so much God bless everyone and Godspeed

  20. That driver AND the company he was driving for need to be held accountable. What was in his container? Where was he traveling to & from? Lots of questions about a driver behind that wheel while “impaired”!

  21. A friend of mine lost her husband when a semi went across the center median and hit his semi head on. The driver who was from a foreign country, when released on bail, skipped back to his country where he could not be extradited. I hope this doesn’t happen in this case. Prayers for all involved.

  22. Phillip Cade did u see this?

  23. Parker Live

    Article updated with suspect mugshot.

  24. Parker Live investigate the crap out of this animal and the people he was working for/with.

  25. What’s is really sad. How many truckers are impaired that we don’t know about until an accident happens. Sad

  26. Natasha Peterson so awful 😢

  27. William R. Hughes I wondered the same thing. I heard he left the scene of the accident and went and got himself something to eat. The Police found him. Under those circumstances, he should not be granted bail as he is clearly a flight risk. He should be locked up for life.

  28. Prayers for all of the victims and their families. 🙏🙏

  29. It doesn’t appear that he was driving fast, he was driving very fast do that intersection  watch the other semi is driving past that same area in the media posted

  30. William R. Hughes thats a pretty ignorant statement

  31. Parker Live
    He walked away from the accident site to Rupertos and sat down
    For lunch?? Acting like he didn’t just plow into a bunch of innocent people?

  32. Honestly… I see a lot of semi trucks run the red light … I’m not sure how to remedy but it’s scary I nearly got hit during lunch hour he had slam his breaks … sad

  33. Robin Peterson that’s terrible.

  34. Rhesa Poolaw yes I did. Right before I sent you the press release.

  35. Meagan wow, I am glad they didn’t hesitate to file charges on the driver!

  36. That was so sad to even watch,lock him away and throw away the key.prayers to all involved and their families.

  37. Tamara Jaramillo same!! Glad we also went shopping for an hour before leaving

  38. Was anyone hurt at the new Starbucks that just opened at Terrible Herbst?

  39. My cousin was killed in this crash and another one on life support. It sickening to know that the driver was impaired then after he crashed he went to the Mexican diner and sat down to eat

  40. Someone made the comment about the fire hydrants not working, there are several around town non functioning due to lack of maintenance by the towns city crews and supervisors. I had ask recently when they will be repaired and no response from the town or Fire department but I have to add it is not the fire dept. job to maintain hydrants it is the town of Parker. That is why they had to send out a water tender to the fire. Thank god the water tender with the engines had enough water If Terrible s pumps had started on fire there would be nothing left but ashes. Thank you town of Parker for keeping everyone safe.

  41. Mark Gund Hi Mark! This is a terrible scene. I agree.

  42. Truck drivers use this route instead of Interstate 10, it’s about time the state bans the use of this road to trucks, unless they are making local deliveries. Unfortunately these individuals never had a chance.

  43. Going way too fast, I think it’s 35mph through there, as a driver myself, this is beyond wrecklessness, beyond carelessness, it’s just down right ignorant.
    And , they need to hold him without bail, cuz I promise you, if bailed out, he’ll be gone before the closes behind him.
    So sad, prayers and thoughts go out to the families involved !!

  44. My mom Amy Lloyd Bagnall was the one that was killed in the accident. My aunt is still in the icu and my dad and uncle are still recovering. We are devastated my mom was the best mom grandmother sister friend our rock….my uncle has set up a go fund me account to help our family and my sister that lives in Bali get back to the states to help remember her. Anything would help. I love you mommy. Please share

  45. Any information of those hospitized from Sundays accident at the Terrible Hearst location?

  46. Pepper Hamilton Amos did you guys know about this?

  47. Summer Baker yes. It was pretty bad

  48. My family was heartsick to hear of this tragic accident. We have known Doug for over 50 years and had only met Amy in Texas last fall. Doug spent several Christmas days at our house in Lakewood, CA. years ago before he met Amy. Our heart and prayers go out to Doug and Amy’s families. I don’t know what to say, it was a horrific accident and I hope the driver of the truck gets what he deserves.

  49. People of Parker BEWARE: we just had an incident with GOLDEN EXPRESS. Two white tractor/trailer rigs pulled out of Tally Pro after we passed them and rode our bumper, sometimes going as fast as 85 mph, and stayed right on us with driving lights and hi beams on. Followed us all the way to Quartzsite where we were able to get the name of the company. We had slowed down to 35 mph going thru Quartzsite (speed limit) and the two trucks got into the left hand turn lane to head to the 10. We called the company phone number to complain and a woman hung up on us. We called back and she denied having any white trucks or trailers. We will be following up with Dept of Transportation tomorrow.

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