Race vehicle testing ahead of BWC

In preparation for the Best In The Desert BlueWater Challenge, coming in less than 3 weeks, McDonnell Racing tests their new vehicle. Produced locally by Tuba Art Films.


  1. Nice video. That one scene where he was gunning it right next to the power lines proves he’s got more balls than brains, OR he’s test driving his new sponsor’s product at the same time. Nice also that his honey was waiting with a refreshment!!!

    Did you get any pics from the car show in Parker this weekend John?

  2. anotherdayinparadise

    MR heard you were at “Hotel Viva La Paz County” again… Is that true? What’s the word?

  3. IT’S TRUE! I’m a REGULAR there. (Thank You Adolph Jeff Gilbert Hitler) Here’s the latest online intel…


  4. Check this out Anotherdayinparadise

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