Suspects arrested in Cynthia Williams case

UPDATE 11/15: The suspects in the Cynthia Williams case have been named as Sharon Marie Clark and Jeffrey Scott Williams. The defendants are non-Indian. Both defendants were brought before the United States District Court, District of Arizona for their initial appearance Monday. They have been initially charged with killing Cynthia Williams with malice aforethought. Detention hearings are scheduled for November 17th and November 22nd in Flagstaff.



The Colorado River Indian Tribes Police Department has confirmed that two suspects have been arrested in connection with the homicide of Cynthia Williams, who was found dead in March.

Cynthia’s body was reportedly found on a remote section of the agricultural valley’s main irrigation canal not far from Poston, AZ on March 9th, 2016. Her death shocked the Parker community and her family and police helped put together a $10,000 reward for information leading to justice in the homicide.

Now, two suspects – both of whom are residents of Parker and not members of CRIT – have been arrested by the Federal Bureau of Investigation with the assistance of CRIT P.D. No information was released beyond those details.

CRIT P.D. says it has been working with the FBI on investigating the case since it happened in March, and that their goal is to bring justice for Cynthia Williams’ family and safety to the community.

Our original story on the death of Cynthia Williams, including an interview with her brother, can be found HERE. A rumor that she was a police informant is debunked HERE. We’ll cover further details when they are released.


  1. Jack D White

    May God be with her family and offer strength and comfort

  2. The reward is actually $15,000.00

  3. Jennifer Marie

    Great news! Wish the Crit PD & FBI worked all cases like this together & fairly.

  4. David Page Sr.

    Great news for her family & our community.

  5. Glad someone is giving us timely news. Good work John!

  6. I agree with Jennifer Marie. It really upsets me to see the ONE person that took Evander from us walking around. Indeed GREAT news and finally Cindy’s family has closure. Thank you Lord!

  7. Charlotte Colvin

    Let justice be done so she may rest in peace God bless and comfort her family

  8. Dorita & Cheryl, I know this does not make the pain in your heart go away, but I hope it brings some peace to you and the rest of your family. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

  9. malice aforethought
    n. 1) the conscious intent to cause death or great bodily harm to another person before a person commits the crime. Such malice is a required element to prove first degree murder. 2) a general evil and depraved state of mind in which the person is unconcerned for the lives of others.

    Def. 2 is scary. That these individuals were wanting to kill someone and they happened upon Cynthia. Could’ve been any one of us.

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